A graduate of Fine Arts from Western University in 2003, Nathan is now emerging as a full-time artist after rediscovering the scratchboard medium in 2013.

Nathan Cole is best known for his intricate and realistic portraits of highly expressive animals on scratchboard. He carefully uses negative space and the starkness of black-and-white to create engaging chiaroscuro compositions, sometimes playful, sometimes profound. The intensity and diversity of the lines and marks created with the quill depict colour, texture, movement, and depth all at once. The painstaking, slow, and unforgiving nature of quill on scratchboard works relates closely to the careful approach that must be taken for conservation efforts with these animals and their habitats. The combination of wildlife and domestic animal portraits is meant to create a commonality between the two, a shared appreciation that the artist has to protect and care for all animals.

Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre

On May 25, 2019, we will feature the work of artist Nathan Cole ‚Äč