Stitching Tuesday continues every Tuesday at 7 pm - what we discussed last Tuesday: the possibility of knitting, crocheting, sewing pouches for the baby koalas and kangaroos of Australia …more info to come.

Arts and Culture Centre

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​​​Winter 2020 WACC EVENTS

The WACC has reopened its doors and the WACC team is full of projects for this year, starting with an exciting brainstorming session for the kids and teens to prepare a Gigantic, Extraordinary, Special Puppet Show for the Whitevale community. 

Think of themes such as the History of Whitevale or Endangered Animals, or maybe a Horror Story, a Murder Mystery… let free rein to your creativity and imagination! Come to the WACC on Saturday, January 18 at 10 am to share your ideas and plan the script, characters and backgrounds of the play. We will build our own puppets.

Next big kid event:

a Mad Hatter Tea Party on Saturday, February 8: we have a zillion of big hats to decorate as we share refreshments and treats to celebrate Valentine Day!

Note: Songs and Stories Saturday is taking a break until further notice